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Please note: All merchandise sold by GeocacheAlaska! is for non-profit fundraising purposes. Our mail order processing and shipping is handled by club volunteers on an as-needed basis. Please allow two to four weeks for the processing and shipping of all merchandise orders. You will get an email from PayPal when your order ships, which will include tracking information. We ship exclusively via US Postal Service via First Class Mail in order to keep shipping costs low and keep the packaging and delivery to the post office as simple as possible for our volunteer labor. Thank you for your understanding.

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2020 Cities of Alaska Pathtags Set

2020 Alaskan Cities Series Pathtags

This is the first set in a series of pathtags featuring select cities in Alaska.

Select this Add to Cart button to purchase a set of 5 pathtags for $11.50:

2019 Ten Year Set
2019 Ten Year Set Backs
2019 Ten Year Set Profile

The 2019 Ten-Year Sets are now available by mail order. This is a limited production of only 100 sets. Each set includes ONE geocoin, ONE lapel Pin, and FIVE Pathtags. There is one pathtag design, so the set will include five of the same pathtag. The Geocoin is trackable on, but the lapel Pin is non-trackable.

Click this Button to purchase a 2019 Ten-Year Geocoin, Pin, and 5 Pathtags for $20.00:

GeocacheAlaska! RITR Log Books

RITR LogBooks RITR LogBooks

GeocacheAlaska! Rite in the Rain (RITR) logbooks are available in 2 sizes. Small is 2 inches wide by 3-1/2 inches long and perfect for small cache containers. It has standard "muggle instructions" on the rear cover, and the inside covers feature Geocaching Etiquette and the GeocacheAlaska! Mission Statement. Micro sized logbooks are 3/4-inch wide and 3-1/2 inches long and they fit perfectly inside most Pre-Form tubes and similar sized micro caches. There is no inside cover printing on the Micro size. The RITR pages of both logs are blank with NO lines.

Select this Add to Cart button to purchase one Small logbook for $3.00:

Select this Add to Cart button to purchase one Micro logbook for $1.50:

GeocacheAlaska! Decals

GCAK Decals GCAK Decal on a cup

GeocacheAlaska! Decals to decorate your waterbottles, equipment, or vehicles. These are 3M commercial grade decals with a strong adhesive backing which are produced right here in Anchorage, Alaska. Available in your choice of two sizes. The larger decal is 2-3/4 inches tall by 4 inches wide. THe smaller decal is 2-1/4 inches tall by 3 inches wide. The front of the decals are covered with a transfer paper to assist with placing in your desired location without touching the adhesive. Please besure to thoroughly clean and dry the area prior to application. (Decal depicted on a cup for demonstration purposes, cup is not included.)

Select this Add to Cart button to purchase one Large Decal for $6.00:

Select this Add to Cart button to purchase one Small Decal for $5.00:

2018 Wood Bison Geocoin

2018 Wood Bison Geocoin

The 2018 Bison Geocoins are in the stores, both event and mail order. This limited production run of only 100 coins will sell out fast. Made in the USA, these are enamel-filled with a shiny black nickel finish on a 1-1/2" diameter coin. Tracking information is laser engraved on the rim. The obverse features a rendition of the Wood Bison in a field with a Bald Eagle flying overhead. The reverse is an updated version of our classic Sourdough Miner with his trusty GPS as he searches for an Alaskan Cache.

Click this Button to purchase a 2018 Wood Bison Geocoin for $11.00:

2019 Wolf Logo Buff Headwear

2019 Wolf Logo Buff Headwear

The new "Buff" headwear has been added to the online and event stores. These are 19-inch long by 10-inch wide, seamless, tubular, multifunctional, head wraps. They may be worn in over a dozen different configurations. They feature the GeocacheAlaska! logo over the state of Alaska in a 3x4 inch printed image that repeats across the fabric. The base fabric is a light grey color and is made of 100% polyester CoolMax.

Select this button to add one buff for $11:

2019 Transportation Pathtags Series, Tags 6-10

2019 Transportation Series Pathtags

Purchase your 2019 Transportation Series Pathtags. This set includes the second five tags of the series.

Select this Add to Cart button to purchase a set of 5 pathtags for $8.00:

2018 Transportation Pathtags Series, Tags 1-5

2018 Transportation Series Pathtags

Purchase your 2018 Transportation Series Pathtags. This set includes the first five tags of the series. The remaining five will be produced in 2019 to complete the series.

Select this Add to Cart button to purchase a set of 5 pathtags for $8.00:

Alaska Mosquito Geocoins

Alaska Mosquito Geocoin Front Alaska Mosquito Geocoin Back

This 1-1/2 inch trackable geocoin is an upscaled recreation of the Mosquito mini coin that was produced by GeocacheAlaska!'s founders back in 2007. This version is not dated and comes with a separate trackable tag that can be released to travel while the original coin stays safely in your collection. Both the coin and the tag have the same tracking number on them.

Add the Mosquito Geocoin to your cart for $10.00:

2017 Forget-Me-Not Geocoin

2017 Forget-Me-Not Geocoins

Purchase your 2017 Forget-Me-Not Geocoins. Limited edition of only 150 in shiny nickel finish. These USA manufactured coins are about 2 inches across featuring a very unique shape with all color-filled areas recessed into the coin surface for a one-of-a-kind trackable item.

Select this Add to Cart button to purchase a silver coin for $11.00:

Alaska Wolf Logo "Glow" Pathtags - Set of 5

Set of 5 "timeless" GeocacheAlaska! Wolf Logo Pathtags. The moon is filled with glow in the dark enamel. View the Pathtag Profile on the pathtags website.

Add this set of pathtags to your cart for $11.50:

Alaska Aurora "Glow" Pathtags - Set of 5

These pathtags are produced with shiny gold plating to replicate the Alaska state flag's eight stars of gold, the custom Alaska back, and sport glow-in-the-dark enamel to simulate the aurora borealis (northern lights). This is a reissue of the original Alaska Aurora pathtag with the new GeocacheAlaska! custom back and a new serial number. View the Pathtag Profile on the pathtags website.

Add this set of pathtags to your cart for $11.50:


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patrick1956: Hello, I am from Belgium and my cache name is Patrick1956.Me and my wife we love to find caches in Belgium and also the places we go on holiday. This summer my wife comes on holiday to Alaska in July.So she hopes to find a few. May 17, 2017 6:28:22 GMT -9
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sethgeo: Anyone out there? Jul 6, 2017 2:45:31 GMT -9
sethgeo: we found a cache on the Russian Kenai River and are curious about it. Jul 6, 2017 2:46:38 GMT -9
sethgeo: We are from Florida and Michigan Jul 6, 2017 2:51:33 GMT -9
TheFirefly: Hi Sethgeo! I don't know that I can help you with a Russian/Kenai River cache, but who knows? Go for it! :-) Jul 6, 2017 18:27:07 GMT -9
SSO JOAT: CITO Page Banner from GS... Aug 19, 2017 6:50:34 GMT -9
ladybugkids: Found a pair of reading glasses on Powerline Trail near intersection with Campbell Gorge Rim Trail. Left in "Lost and Found" basket on post at intersection of Silver Fern and Gasline trails. Aug 26, 2017 21:37:32 GMT -9
SSO JOAT: GC log formatting guide Sept 6, 2017 19:17:22 GMT -9
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SSO JOAT: 2019 Pathtags are available for mail order purchase at Jan 27, 2019 16:14:15 GMT -9
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