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2018 Transportation Pathtags Series, Tags 1-5

2018 Transportation Series Pathtags

Purchase your 2018 Transportation Series Pathtags. This set includes the first five tags of the series. The remaining five will be produced in 2019 to complete the series.

Select this Add to Cart button to purchase a set of 5 pathtags for $11.50:

2017 Forget-Me-Not Geocoin

2017 Forget-Me-Not Geocoins

Purchase your 2017 Forget-Me-Not Geocoins. Limited edition of only 150 in shiny nickel finish. These USA manufactured coins are about 2 inches across featuring a very unique shape with all color-filled areas recessed into the coin surface for a one-of-a-kind trackable item.

Select this Add to Cart button to purchase a silver coin for $15.00:

2016 Mountains of Alaska Pathtags - Set of 5

2016 Mountain Pathtags

The 2016 Mountains of Alaska series features five prominant peaks from around Alaska. These pathtags are available in a complete set of five for $11.50 or packaged with a pair of the coins above.

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Alaska Mosquito Geocoins

Alaska Mosquito Geocoin Front Alaska Mosquito Geocoin Back

This 1-1/2 inch trackable geocoin is an upscaled recreation of the Mosquito mini coin that was produced by GeocacheAlaska!'s founders back in 2007. This version is not dated and comes with a separate trackable tag that can be released to travel while the original coin stays safely in your collection. Both the coin and the tag have the same tracking number on them.

Add the Mosquito Geocoin to your cart for $10.00:

Alaska Wolf Logo "Glow" Pathtags - Set of 5

Set of 5 "timeless" GeocacheAlaska! Wolf Logo Pathtags. The moon is filled with glow in the dark enamel. View the Pathtag Profile on the pathtags website.

Add this set of pathtags to your cart for $11.50:

Alaska Aurora "Glow" Pathtags - Set of 5

These pathtags are produced with shiny gold plating to replicate the Alaska state flag's eight stars of gold, the custom Alaska back, and sport glow-in-the-dark enamel to simulate the aurora borealis (northern lights). This is a reissue of the original Alaska Aurora pathtag with the new GeocacheAlaska! custom back and a new serial number. View the Pathtag Profile on the pathtags website.

Add this set of pathtags to your cart for $11.50:


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NorthWes: Thanks for that background image - I lost track of mine on this new computer - gonna be handy for the powerpoint on IG! Mar 8, 2017 16:45:47 GMT -9
patrick1956: Hello, I am from Belgium and my cache name is Patrick1956.Me and my wife we love to find caches in Belgium and also the places we go on holiday. This summer my wife comes on holiday to Alaska in July.So she hopes to find a few. May 17, 2017 6:28:22 GMT -9
patrick1956: She collect also banners, can you say how we can set this banner of Alaska on our profile. Thanks May 17, 2017 6:29:23 GMT -9
sethgeo: Anyone out there? Jul 6, 2017 2:45:31 GMT -9
sethgeo: we found a cache on the Russian Kenai River and are curious about it. Jul 6, 2017 2:46:38 GMT -9
sethgeo: We are from Florida and Michigan Jul 6, 2017 2:51:33 GMT -9
TheFirefly: Hi Sethgeo! I don't know that I can help you with a Russian/Kenai River cache, but who knows? Go for it! :-) Jul 6, 2017 18:27:07 GMT -9
SSO JOAT: We are having some issues on our website. Use the Forum Store for ordering your GeocacheAlaska! merchandise until the issues are worked out. Jul 21, 2017 21:26:13 GMT -9
SSO JOAT: Aug 3, 2017 9:28:11 GMT -9
SSO JOAT: CITO Page Banner from GS... Aug 19, 2017 6:50:34 GMT -9
ladybugkids: Found a pair of reading glasses on Powerline Trail near intersection with Campbell Gorge Rim Trail. Left in "Lost and Found" basket on post at intersection of Silver Fern and Gasline trails. Aug 26, 2017 21:37:32 GMT -9
SSO JOAT: GC log formatting guide Sept 6, 2017 19:17:22 GMT -9
SSO JOAT: 2017 Geocoin Now Available! Sept 9, 2017 3:43:27 GMT -9
freeweez: Where can I find the wolf logo?? Apr 2, 2018 15:05:54 GMT -9
ladybugkids: I couldn't find the logos on the "new" website, but logos are still located on the "old" website at I got there by going to the "Advocate" tab, clicking on the link for the old Land Manager page, and then Apr 25, 2018 10:16:46 GMT -9
ladybugkids: clicking the "GAK Logos" button on the right-hand side of the page. Apr 25, 2018 10:17:28 GMT -9
ladybugkids: Looks like one can access the old Education fodder, newsletters, and other historical information from the "old" pages. Just have to finesse getting there. Apr 25, 2018 10:18:48 GMT -9
SSO JOAT: Sorry about that... I have a lot of disarray going on recently; both here and away from this site. Apr 26, 2018 6:15:56 GMT -9
SSO JOAT: Also, the background image for the cache pages is located at: Apr 26, 2018 9:56:14 GMT -9
SSO JOAT: 2018 Pathtags are available for mail order purchase at Aug 19, 2018 10:35:06 GMT -9